601 versus 602 : the ultimate match

From the Woody family, we will always go for number 601 (vetiver, cedar and bergamot). Or wait, is it 602 (pepper, cedar, patchouli)? First thing’s first, what exactly do these woody fragrances smell like? A mix of freshness, mystery, elegance, with oodles of personality… A long walk in the forest, all thanks to a couple of spritzes, are you in?

And it’s true, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between two perfumes from the same fragrance family. Especially when we are just as in love with one as the other! These two ultra-fresh fragrances are our two absolute favourites at the moment. With their deep notes and enigmatic twists, they transport us to a place which is fresh and humid, a place where you can breathe in a huge dose of green-tinged air. That being said, even though 601 and 602 both share a ‘family relationship’, they are both quite different. We’ll help you choose – are you ready to play?


  • You start your day with a hot lemon infusion rather than a spiced latte;
  • You’re more city break than hike up a mountain at the weekend;
  • You prefer your bouquets of flowers to be a little bit messy instead of perfectly arranged roses;
  • You heart farflung travels and exotic fruits.  


Then 601 is THE woody fragrance for you. A veritable explosion of effervescent citruses, this perfume also contains notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pink berries and vetiver. Ultra fresh, it whisks us off to a faraway forest where the hot, damp smells of earth and cedar make you feel alive! 

But if…

  • You’re more Mediterranean getaway than Icelandic coast;
  • You believe there’s no such thing as too much pepper;
  • You’re a little mysterious, but know when to show your warm side;
  • You love nothing more than the calm, shade and the smell of the leaves on the earth.

It’s a match! 602 is in danger of making you fall deeply in love. This woody fragrance opens with sunny notes of neroli which marry perfectly with the spicy freshness of the Saint Thomas bay and chilli pepper. Madagascan pepper, Somalian incense: these heart notes will undeniably take you on an international voyage! We mustn’t forget the base notes of patchouli and benzoin which reveal the confident personality of this perfume. 

The hardest part is choosing, but really, nobody is insisting you only have to buy one! 



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