701 versus 702: an aromatic duel!

There’s nothing complicated about the aromatics family (our 700 range)! Can we help you recognize the fragrances of this family? Nothing could be simpler: if you smell a very herbaceous smell, very fragrant vegetal notes (which are generally used in cooking or in herbal tea) such as thyme, rosemary or even mint, and odors of flowers such as lavender or chamomile, then you’re spot on! A whirlwind of freshness and energy that will surprise your little nostrils!

The 701 and 702 are two bewitching eaux de parfum from the collection that take you on an extraordinary olfactory journey: between spiciness and softness, originality and comfort, these false friends will not leave you indifferent! Can't choose your pick?

If …

- You’re a lover of nature getaways;

- You prefer cold citrusy drinks to smoky black tea;

- Your sparkling and sweet personality makes everyone fall for you;

- You’re the one your friends call to try new culinary experiences and cool restaurants...

Then the 701 is YOUR aromatic! To start, a slightly fruity freshness and a hint of bitterness brought by the Grapefruit Bergamot duo. The 701 is an explosion of spices and aromatics. Pepper, rosemary, coriander, eucalyptus, cypress, boom! They raise the temperature, and pair wonderfully with white wood, amber and incense. Did you recognize the cannabis note hiding in there? A cool heat that plunges you into a universe of a thousand dimensions.

If …

- You would leave Paris in a heartbeat for a slow trip around the world;

- Quiet and mysterious, that's all you ...

- You prefer to hunt for antiques rather than spend your Sunday at IKEA;

- For you, the best time of day is in a bar with a cold beer…

Match with the 702? An unexpected twist between a mystical incense and a chic and refreshing fougère (fern): let yourself be carried away on a journey through time, between tradition and modernity. At the top, notes of incense, elemi, lemon, and pink pepper. A mixture of half spicy, half green, with floral inflections, and a touch of French lavender. Cedar, cashmere wood, vanilla, Peruvian balsam, and white musk round off this olfactory journey. Fresh and warm, traditional but rock ‘n roll, sober but full of personality: the 702 is a scent full of contradictions that will appeal to those who are curious.

The hardest part ... choosing. But in the end, no one said you only get to choose one!



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