702 x Kumo: a look back at our launch party

To party, to party, to party: we really missed it... To celebrate its comeback but also to present to you our latest perfume, the Bon Parfumeur Family joined forces with the artist collective Kumo. Do you know them? No wonder, the whole arty scene is talking about them. Unknown to the world? We'll introduce you to this beautiful group in a moment.


In honor of the 702  

Our second aromatic that we celebrated last week. With its notes of incense, lavender and cashmere wood, it is a true ode to summer, to the evenings and the surprises they hold in store for us. Behind the 702, developed by the ultra-talented Juliette Karagueuzoglou, perfumer at IFF, there is a tribute to the perfumery of yesteryear. The one at the origin of the one we wear today (hence the incense), twisted by bright and modern scents (our dear lavender). In order to push the olfactory experience to the max, we have also created a cocktail for the occasion. Omar Ouazzani, mixologist, treated us all evening with drinks based on Citadelle Gin, lavender, pink berries, Acqua di Cedro liqueur, pear juice and lemon. All this on the Mazette, the fashionable barge (literally and figuratively) of Parisian nights. Cheers! Throughout the evening, the Kumo collective gave us a change of scenery thanks to some simply insane dj sets and performances.

What is our collaboration with Kumo?

What does Kumo mean? In Japanese, it means a cloud. And for Christophe Sam, Katarina Mladenovicova and Alfred Boudier, founders of the collective, it was an opportunity to showcase the work of talented artists. According to our collaborators (now friends), young and different talents exist in abundance. And it becomes more fastidious when it is a question of being represented and of being known... In short, behind Kumo, there is a real idea to represent, to network and to propel to the forefront those who deserve it. A project that clearly has something to seduce us ... Throughout the evening, the collective Kumo has revealed diverse talents. Hip-hop, electro, soul, from Amaru to Henzy, through AVC (who is none other than Christophe) x Malchiodi and their penetrating alternative Hip-Hop tracks.

And... You! 

This event that we were impatiently waiting for was, we confess, a small source of uncertainties... Curfew, no curfew, regulations, etc., you know the song yourself. So when we saw you all arrive, with your joy and enthusiasm, the excitement was clearly at its peak. Our own tribe, mingling with Kumo, discovering our 702, whilst listening to a tremendous sound: enough to make us have a great evening...




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