A closer look at our 702, an ultra-fresh, aromatic fragrance

The Aromatics family is getting bigger! An only child for a long time, 701 (eucalyptus/coriander/cypress) is finally ready to welcome a little brother to the party! Welcome to 702! Let’s take a closer look at this astonishing new perfume with its accent notes of incense, lavender and cashmere wood. 

A perfume full of history

When we first conceived of 702, we wanted to pay homage to French expertise and raw ingredients, and we did this by revisiting historical perfumes. We wanted a fresh but addictive perfume which was undeniably chic! Everything started with incense. Traditional, profound and just a little bit mystical, it evokes the very beginnings of perfumery itself, harking back to Ancient Egypt. At that time, incense was mostly used in solid form, and was burnt during religious ceremonies. Ever since, it has held a reputation for its calming properties, and is still chilling us out today…

Then came the ferns, the signature scent family of the 70s, but which was actually first used over 100 years ago, and now brought back to life with our 702! We’ll let you into a little secret here, that only true perfume connoisseurs know – when we say fern, we are talking about an olfactive accord (lavender, geranium, moss, coumarin…) and not actually the plant itself. It was the perfumer Jean-François Houbigant who invented this blend at the end of the 19th century, with his perfume Fougère Royale (Royal Fern). What a history! This famous mix instantly transports us to a place under dark, enigmatic leafy canopies, or even a humid tropical forest. Out-of-body experience guaranteed ;)

For our head notes, we find notes of elemi (this is a tree resin with citrusy accents, but you knew that, right?), lemon and pink pepper. The result? A fresh and spicy synergy with delicate green inflections. This is all followed by notes of lavender (100% French, from the world-famous LMR IFF facility in Grasse, France), which brings a sweet, floral touch to this enigmatic mix. Finally, cedar, cashmere wood, vanilla, Peru balsam and white musk finish this sensory journey. Fresh and warm, traditional but still punk-rock, sober but brimming with personality – 702 is the perfume which encapsulates all these contradictions, making it perfect for all those curious souls out there. 

The talent behind 702

This is the first time we have collaborated with Juliette Karagueuzoglou. A sunny perfumer from IFF, her fresh and collaborative vision of perfumery seduced us straight away: “I believe perfume is an act of sharing, of generosity. I give what I love, perfumes that people are really going to wear, that will provoke emotions in their friends, in the wearers themselves, in their families, because it really is who we are, our personal scent signature.” A huge traveller, tracing many miles on her long rambles, Juliette draws her inspiration from images, exotic smells and landscapes, which she discovers on her wanderings. Her curiosity, her audacity and love for ancestral materials – we are super excited to now count Juliette as a member of our creative family.  

P.S. You probably know this by now, but we are always on the lookout for new ways to ‘do more good’ for the world, to go further in our search for natural ingredients, and protect our beautiful planet. That’s a long way of saying that our 702 is made up of 97% ingredients of natural origin! It’s pretty much our baby, this perfume, and we are incredibly proud of it!



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