A perfume for life (or almost!)

We have a tendency to use up all our little bottles of perfume suuuuuper quick… We know that we are confirmed perfume addicts, and we are aware that there are people in this world who perhaps apply perfume a little less often, or alternate between several fragrances. And we also know that, over the course of a few months, the tones or even the scent of a fragrance can change… So how do we preserve a perfume? Let us explain!

NB: You’ve probably got it by now, our perfumes are a bit special! Composed of up to 97% natural ingredients, they require a special kind of looking after during their lifespans… Let’s dive in!

Light and perfume: a bad mix

Unlike you, your perfume isn’t a big fan of tanning sessions in the sun…Strong light runs the risk of altering the colour of your perfume more quickly than expected, and may even affect the odour (however, if after a few months your Bon Parfumeur perfume does change its colour, don’t panic – it’s normal! It’s just a sign that we really do prefer natural ingredients). We advise that you keep your perfume in a dark place or in a drawer (without forgetting that it’s there, of course ;))

It’s getting hot in here: perfumes prefer cooler temperatures

As with light, heat or changes in temperature can also disturb the chemical balance of your perfume. That’s why the Bon Parfumeur family avoids hot, steamy showers when a perfume is in the vicinity… We also try to avoid wherever possible placing a perfume near any kind of heater turned on to the max. Again, a shady little drawer where it’s cool and dry is the best environment for your perfume to feel comfy in!

They also like to cover up!

When you spritz yourself with your perfume, don’t forget to put the cap back on after use. You have already guessed why – any kind of contact with humidity, the air or heat risks impacting its quality. Even if you smell divine, try to only open your perfume when it’s absolutely necessary, like when you’re about to use it. 

They don’t like being shaken…

Maybe you are in the habit of shaking your bottle before spraying your perfume. So, actually that’s not really necessary (unless that’s been specified by the manufacturer) … You will tire the perfume out (team lazy ;)) and risk avoidable little accidents (you shake it a bit too hard and boom, your perfume bottle has shattered on your bathroom floor). 

The Bon Parfumeur family wants you to get the most out of your perfume for as long as possible. Because if we take good care of them, they can last for up to ten years! Well, let’s hope you finish it just a little bit before that ;)



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