A sweet moment with Bon Parfumeur

It’s about time to get back to work... Ciao to sunny afternoons and welcome to meetings and increasing screen time!

Instead of crying we try to stay positive and realize this summer won’t be the last ! To embrace this time of the year Bon Parfumeur set you back in childhood with sweet and fresh perfumes.
Our favorite perfumes are often associated to happy memories... It’s a legit feeling called “Proust syndrome” from the famous writer’s writings on his favorite treat: the madeleine!

Scientists agree on that part of the brain called the “olfactory bulb” that associate emotions to scents. It’s a zone that connects feelings and memory together. That’s probably why we think of sea and sunshine when smelling a Tiaré flower.
Some scents can make us feel nostalgic, or even moved! We take advantage of this back to school period to highlight some perfumes that will forever set us back in childhood. Think of the smell of treats after class or your grand parents garden..

Our 501 perfume, made of praline/licorice/patchouli makes us think of missions to get a treat at the bake shop around the corner, the iconic duo bread and milk chocolate... The patchouli has indeed sort of a cocoa smell and make the fragrance very sweet... In a similar way than the super famous Angel from Thierry Mugler ! 

To accentuate the melancholy we smell the 402 perfume, blend of Vanilla, caramel and sandalwood. A guilty pleasure from our collection: with its vanilla notes quite similar to butter made treats. The caramel is also there to remind us of the tons of gummies we could eat at birthday parties!
Wanna go further? Head toward our Cologne perfumes! Super accessible and somehow retro, they will set you back to your most innocent times. These clean scents similar to babies are the ones we never want to leave... Cologne perfumes will definitely remind you of your mother. Warm feelings guaranteed! Will you be more into our 001: orange blossom/petigrain/bergamot, 002: Neroli/Jasmine/white Amber, or 003: Yuzu, Violet leaves, Vetiver? Which one will remind you of your most
childish memory
Happy return to all ❤️


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