So it's very simple, under "Aromatic" we group together all the compositions including aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, mint, mugwort ... And the list goes on and on!

To obtain the precious essential oils from aromatic plants, we use a steam distillation method, with leaves and stems of the aromatics previously harvested and dried by hand. These oils are then used in very small quantities, often per drop, because of their potence. They often add a twist of madness to fragrances as a top note.

Some may think that the word "aromatic" refers more to gastronomy. These are the ingredients we all have in our kitchen. But aromatic herbs have also been used outside of the kitchen for their therapeutic virtues and for a long time in perfumery for their scents.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, famous Eaux de Cologne were made after aromatics plants, often lavender, that leads by far the olfactory family.

We recommend you to head to the Valensole plateau and discover the extremely vast lavender fields there. With the Alps in the background, no doubt, your photo among the flowers will be incredible along with the experience of potent fresh and floral scents!

Aromatics perfumes have become pretty iconic in perfumery, and that’s precisely what made Edmond Roudniska famous, the creator of “Eau Sauvage”, when developing his elegant and rebel fragrance in 1966. Thyme, rosemary and basil are his aromatic signature. Thyme brings herbaceous, leathery, almost animal notes for a wild effect. Rosemary on its end brings freshness with its camphorated and green notes. Finally, basil, brings a floral touch and bridges the head to the heart of the fragrance.

In this extensive family you can also discover the very accessible, almost familiar but yet original, the Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain. It is a green aromatic fragrance created by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1999. In this fragrance, we perceive aromatic notes that evoke a discreet freshness of Spring dew.

Our 701 is also a very good choice for discovering aromatic perfumes with its notes of eucalyptus and coriander, it will reveal anyone funky side!



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