Aromatics in perfumery

The aromatic family dates back to many years ago. It truly came to the fore with the creation of the first fragrance for men, the iconic Pour un Homme de Caron, in 1934. Its composition introduced the groundbreaking duo of lavender and vanilla, a subtle blend of freshness and gentle sweet notes, like an aftershave that soothes the burn and refreshes skin. Fougères and aromatics have been flying off the shelves ever since! 

So what exactly is an aromatic? It’s an olfactory impression created by combining ingredients that have camphor and spicy notes. There are a number of specific raw materials, flowers and botanicals used to compose a fragrance from this family. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Cast your mind’s eye to the South of France and picture the purple fields that line many of its roads. Yes, it’s lavender! We love the characteristic scent of this flower, which manages to be both delicate and potent. It stirs up memories of freshly laundered clothes and summer vacations. 

For fresh and green chlorophyll-tinged notes (chewing gum, anyone?) look no further than mint. It vitalizes fragrances and imparts climbing top notes. This ingredient is in vogue right now and can be found just about everywhere. 

How about woody, camphor accents that call to mind Mediterranean food (like a good ratatouille)? Rosemary! This herb boosts a fragrance’s character and legend has it that it keeps you young. Thanks to her fabled rosemary-scented water, the 72-year-old Queen of Hungary got the young King of Poland to fall madly in love with her. 

On a similar note, sage and thyme issue fresh and invigorating herbaceous sunny aromas. There are so many other aromatics that we love, but these are the essentials. And they inspire chefs too! Gastronomy and perfumery often go hand in hand. 

When composing a “juice” like this, perfumers add different facets to take it where they want to go. It’s all about finding the perfect balance. Do they choose citrus fruits for lighter notes that pack a punch? Aquatic or floral notes for extra freshness? What about spicy notes to impart warmth and daring? Their creativity knows no bounds. 

Introducing a new fragrance to complement our collection of aromatics: no. 702. This very fresh and herbaceous aromatic has a surprising original twist. It’s an incredibly chic and contemporary remake of the classic fougère. A heart of French lavender contrasts with mystical notes of frankincense tinged with invigorating lemon. Then the warm and woody base notes reveal supremely soft and elegant cashmeran. Definitely call it a comeback – and make a spot in your cabinet for this olfactory family. You'll also want to share it with your special someone. Try it for yourself and let us know what it reminds you of! 



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