Black For Good 2020

Today is quite special. It’s Black Friday. We felt like sharing our thoughts. Bon Parfumeur is firmly against Black Friday. Instead we defend a more responsible consumerism for a better future. By producing our products in France we tend to fight against relocation and to support our national economy. However that’s not enough. We also value self inclusion, sharing and good causes. That’s why today we are celebrating Black For Good.

For a little while now we have been supporting our friends at Mode Estime and their work. You may have noticed that you can now donate directly to them upon checkout.

 To make it simple, Mode Estime is a non profit that kickstarts fragile individuals by teaching them a job. Sometimes that’s all people need to regain autonomy and self estime. From their atelier in a paris suburb, they teach 13 person at a time how to sew. They are then helped to find a job for local brands.

The charity works also against fabric waste by fixing them. They aim to launch a brand suited for non regular bodies. How cool?

 Mode estime working with french football federation

Lately they have been working with the French Football Federation to sue old soccer jersey to fit children in hospitals. Children did then enter the surgery room as champions! 

You can also support them! From November 27th to 29th, we’ll be donating 10% of your sales directly to Mode Estime. Another way to celebrate the Holiday Season responsively. You can thank us later!




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