Bon Parfumeur a.k.a fragrances that care!

Our fragrances smell great (of course), but we are always striving to make things better for the planet and, above all, for you! We formulate our eaux de parfums to the highest of standards and make them as natural as possible. Up to 97% of the ingredients in our fragrances are now naturally derived (and we’re very proud of it too, but we want to do better). And that’s partly down to you, our community! We are listening to what you have to say, and we know how important these values are to you. (They are to us too, that’s why we get on so well...)

We start with ingredients that care! Controversial substances such as BHA, EDTA, phenoxyethanol and other ingredients with long-winded names have no place here! Colorants and UV filters are also banished from our scents, so don’t panic if the color of your perfume alters a little over time! It’s perfectly normal... It’s a bit like a fine wine, or chocolate that turns white when it’s left for a few weeks (if you can resist devouring it in one go that is :)).

Why go further afield when everything we need is just around the corner? We prefer to use short supply chains. France’s outstanding expertise and heritage are admired the world over, so why should we miss out? Our French noses formulate our perfumes in Paris and in Grasse. And thanks to our esteemed colleagues and artisans, we can offer you packaging that is 100% made in France. Our bottles are made in Normandy at the historic Pochet du Courval glassworks, which is over 400 years old! From bottle to box, EVERYTHING, and we mean EVERYTHING, is made in small French workshops. Vive la France! 

Natural” is our motto, so our packaging is designed to be eco-conscious too. Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable, and our packaging is made from both virgin and recycled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper pulp, which means the paper and cardboard we use comes from sustainably managed forests.  

P.S. It’s supposed to be a secret, but we can’t keep it from you any longer: a new arrival is in the works, made from 97% naturally derived ingredients of course! It’s our baby and we love it already! 



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