Bon Parfumeur puts on a show!

Paris Fashion Week has now started! Yet slightly different from the previous years we always love that time of the year. Fashionistas at every corner, impressive fashion shows and a creative atmosphere it’s definitely worth it!

For us it’s always a pleasure to engage with more creatives. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase our Privés perfumes. Four exceptional fragrances made of rare and exclusive ingredients. Perfumes for special occasions, both low key and snazzy. These 4 Privés fragrances have four different universes and moods that match our up and down fashion week mood. 

Monday. This is it, it now begins. Online or at the front row, this week will certainly be inspiring as well as exhausting. So what’s our secret? We adopt a positive attitude thanks to our 104, a floral and vitamin fragrance. Made of green orange, hyacinth and ivy, it creates a warm nest for when we feel a little stressed. Half-reassuring, half-exotic, this fragrance is a real boost during busy days.

Wednesday. The evening of this young & ultra sharp Belarusian designer finally arrives. We head to a dark karaoke in Belleville with a handpicked crowd (good news: you are one of them!). What are we wearing? Obviously the 303. A divine cocktail based on chilli, pink berry and benzoin, immersion in a hot and spicy night at will ...

Weekend. It's time to recover! In a cozy bar we’d rather go for a mocktail than a cocktail. Tucked away in a leather sofa we are now obsessed with the 603. Our latest drop, mixing leather, incense and tonka, creates a lovely cocoon. Enigmatic and flowery, this sensual fragrance is a must for fall.

At Bon Parfumeur, we love creatives and over the top outfits. Feel free to tag us in your stories, we'll repost the most inspiring ones!



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