Bon Parfumeur under your skin: say hello to our body line

Are you ready for THE great news? This is the official release of our line of body products! A variation of our perfume best-sellers (to start with) in a soap and hand cream. But what scents, what ingredients you ask? Hang on just a moment, we’ll explain everything !

Eco-friendly products 100% Made in France

So, what was the idea behind our body line? To take the scent routine even further while respecting both the planet and our skin. Our hand creams are made from 98% natural ingredients, containing organic aloe vera and organic shea butter. The result of this magic formula? An ultra light cream that leaves hands feeling soft and hydrated.

Let's talk about our soaps: they’re composed of 95% natural ingredients, enriched with French and organic camelina vegetable oil. Solid and ultra practical, they are the ideal companions for a gentle but deep wash, for the hands as well as the body. 

While we have put a focus on using natural ingredients in our formulas, we are also striving towards zero waste with our packaging. Our solid soaps are packaged in the most minimalist way possible: no cellophane, just a small paper wrapping to protect the goods.

Our hand creams come packaged not in ordinary plastic tubes, but in packaging made from ... sugar cane! Through a combination of different processes (harvesting, fermentation of sugar, etc.), sugar cane can be made into 100% vegetable plastic. These rather special tubes can be recycled, reducing CO2 emissions by 75% in comparison to conventional plastic packaging. Awesome, right?

The scents of Bon Parfumeur

Our body line is available in 3 scents: 003 (yuzu, violet leaves, and vetiver), 101 (rose, sweet peas and white cedar), 801 (sea spray, cedar, and grapefruit). Match our body line with your perfume or mix them up: the olfactory associations are endless!

But which duo to choose? Take the test!

If …

  • You prefer a tart, fresh grapefruit juice to a subtly soft, sugary drink
  • You belong more to team seaside than to team countryside
  • You swear by scents that are fresh and light

Our hand cream and soap duo 003 (yuzu, violet leaves, and vetiver) is made for you. Refreshing and zesty, this is a fragrance that gives you a good dose of energy - in your morning shower or throughout the day when you’re looking for that soothing hand cream feeling. 


If …

  • You prefer a macaroon to a giant slice of chocolate cake
  • You see class and elegance as a certain form of discretion
  • You have Coppola's Marie-Antoinette at the top of your favorite movies list

Our hand cream and soap duo 101 (rose, sweet peas and white cedar) is the one for you! Powdery, light, we love it for its old-school romantic elegance.



  • You are more Normandy Coast than Mediterranean
  • You prefer reading a book quietly under a tree to renting a deckchair at a noisy beach club
  • You think that "bitter is better"

It's a match! Our hand cream and soap duo 801 (sea spray, cedar, and grapefruit) is the fragrant duo you’ve been missing. Ultra fresh and original, it will leave a soft trail on your skin that will make you think "long live summer!".



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