Douce France

By now, you already know all about safe and natural ingredients. And you know that our fragrances have up to 97% natural ingredients. No need to re-hash it. Being committed to doing better, to going further for us and for the planet, is a daily challenge - in logistics, in product development, and even in the office.

Short circuits: 100% Made in France

We are very attached to our Made in France status, and have been from the start. It was Ludovic’s obsession when he launched Bon Parfumeur 4 years ago. Not just for the status symbol but for everything else: an exceptional savoir-faire in the country of perfume. We have an incredible heritage in France, you would have to be crazy to deprive yourself of it. Ours is an exclusively French supply chain! It's pretty cool for the planet because we limit our carbon footprint. Price wise, it’s difficult to compete with our counterparts coming out of China ... but that’s just the way it is - it's a choice. And to be honest, it also suits us having our bottles only a few hours away ... it just makes life easier! Our ateliers are just a train-ride away! We are also proud to support, on a very small scale, the creation of jobs in France and French craftsmanship. 

Come on, let’s go on a little tour of France, the accelerated version:

-Normandy: all our bottles are made at the Pochet du Courval glassworks. This probably doesn't mean anything to you, but in the industry it's the cream of the crop: 4 centuries of know-how creating these beautiful bottles that are as transparent and shiny as Kim's diamond - and of course, recyclable.

- Cognac: surely you’ve heard of it? But we’re not talking about the place where the alcohol is produced. Instead, it’s the home of our label producer! Who would have guessed ?

- Auvergne: well known for its cheeses, this region is also where our packaging is made ... Not far from the Brioude Basilica as the crow flies. The boxes are labeled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).This means that the pulp comes from trees and forests that are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

- Chartres: the bottling (filling, storage, etc.) of our perfumes is done here, very close to us. Only one hour from Paris!

- Rue Montorgueil: the HQ of Bon Parfumeur, situated in a pretty cute apartment office. We must admit that the exposed wooden beams have their charm!

Suffice to say, the Bon Parfumeur team does not have to be asked twice to go on a visit to one of our ateliers or partners, say for example, to check that the color of the boxes is right! And how can we improve our packaging? 

Sugar tubes? Not exactly !

Our very first line for the body has recently been released, just as we envisioned it: natural components, from the ingredient to the packaging! Our partners offered us natural and innovative packaging, and we said yes! For our hand creams, for example, we opted for vegetable plastic made from sugar cane. But why sugar cane?

- It is cultivated in Brazil, 2000 km from the Amazon rainforest; sugar cane plantations are far from the ‘lungs of the earth’ and therefore do not contribute to its deforestation.

- Sugar cane irrigates naturally from start to finish, 0 pesticides and 0 GMOs used!

- Its fields represent only 1% of the cultivatable surface of Brazil, and those dedicated to the manufacture of bioplastics only 0.02% = 0 impact on food crops!

- Sugar cane absorbs CO2 during its growth phase = a reduction of 75% of CO2!

It sounds a bit like a class in Natural Science, but we found this information super interesting. We are proud of the progress we are making everyday thanks to our partners and your feedback. But we don’t want to stop there, we would like to do more. We want to go further towards lessening our impact on the planet and providing you with the best possible ingredients. So, if you have ideas or desires that you’d like to share with us, please write to us!



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