Drink a shot with Bon Parfumeur: our new gin fragrance

The Colognes family is growing! After our mythical 001 (orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot), our ultra-soft 002 (neroli, jasmine, white amber) and our tangy 003 (yuzu, violet leaves and vetiver), make way for our 004. Based on gin, tangerine and musk, we elaborated it during a rather special (not to say complicated) year. During these long months when we all thought about the crazy evenings, the reunion between friends at the restaurant (we still dream about it...), a perfume which is at the same time invigorating AND festive imposed itself as a must. We explain you. 


The 004, a festive perfume

When we sniff a spritz of our new perfume, it is a little bit like a Saturday evening around 7 pm. We do not know exactly what are the plans, but we want to party, to go with our favorite crew to have a drink or to dance. In short, we are excited! The 004, it is in a way an ode to the party. A party that starts with a gin and tonic, served at the bar. Cold, zesty and quite strong (if the barman is nice), we like it for its very fresh side (thanks to the juniper berries, at the origin of the gin). Reboosted and rehydrated, we then make a small strategic tour to the toilets. Water shot on the face, and make-up touch-ups. Freshness, again. The bar fills up, the evening promises to be long and agitated. The barman is busy in a corner. He cuts lemons, tangerine and bergamot for an ultra-sophisticated cocktail requested by a trendy young woman. You stand next to her to ask for another glass (which can be water, let's go easy!). Warm scents of her perfume, with accents of nutmeg and patchouli, come to your nostrils. Direction the dance floor. The temperature begins to climb! Quick, some air. You take refuge outside, a slight smell of tobacco is felt. Tiredness also. You begin to think about going back inside. An after party is coming up. Would we let ourselves be tempted? The night is just beginning...

In short, you will have understood it, our 004 is a fresh mix, which tells the story of an evening and which is ready to follow you there (which we hope to see arriving very soon). Gin, citrus cocktail (Italian lemon, bergamot and tangerine), nutmeg, patchouli, and finally tobacco, tonka bean and white musk make up this ultra chic perfume. Unisex, always 100% made in France, cruelty free and composed of natural ingredients, 004 is THE fragrance that rhymes with long nights and wild dances.

Behind the 004 : Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, inspiring and inspired 

The fiesta smell of 004, it is to Karine that we owe it. This talented perfumer grew up in Grasse (a happy coincidence?), joined the Givaudan school (formerly Roure), and went on to elaborate mythical "juices" such as Lanvin's Éclat d'Arpège. Today a nose at Bon Parfumeur, Karine works with a myriad of raw materials: jasmine, orange blossom, mimosa, rose, iris and juicy citrus fruits, reminders of her childhood in the South. Karine's inspirations are diverse: travels, rare and specialized substances, memories, special dishes ... For her, "to have the spirit of a good perfumer is to keep a part of childhood, spontaneity and creativity."

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