Interview with Marie, founder of Jane de Boy

Meet Marie, Founder of Jane de Boy - Concept Store in Cap Ferret, Arcachon, Bordeaux (France)

Portrait of Jane Founder of Jane de Boy concept store

Why did you start this store? 

Jane de Boy was born in 1999 in Cap Ferret, and more precisely… in my parents' garage. At that time, I was working in advertising and dreamt of devoting myself to my lifelong passions: fashion and decoration. We are now also present in Bordeaux, Arcachon and online ( It is in the roots of Jane de Boy that we find, even today, its soul: a concept-store of character, inspired by the solar and revitalizing energy of Cap Ferret, by the half-city half-nature spirit of the people you can meet there, and by the eclectic selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry and objects that embodies the Jane de Boy's lifestyle. Jane de boy concept store inside

What are your criteria for product selection?

Love at first sight or nothing! Each product offered by Jane de Boy has been selected by our team members who basically have crush on the products we select. We don't really have a list of specific criteria when we make our selection. Above all, we have to like the product and please our customers. Another thing that matters to us is that we love when the people behind these products are beautiful people. 

What is your funniest customer memory?

So ... before anything else I need to clarify the scenery in order to make sens of that specific memory: you should know that we present our candles under glass bells in our shops. One day, one of our customers wanted to smell one of these candles: we naturally advised her to "smell the bell". Very diligent, the client leans over the glass bell, takes a deep breath ... and is surprised not to smell any perfume. A small mistake that was both funny and cute! That is when we realised that we needed to correct our wording from “smell the bell” to “smell inside the bell”.

What is your most touching customer memory?

This is a memory that may seem plain but it still moved me in a way I could not quite explain. I still remember this client that wandered around the store for almost an hour, looking at every single products that were displayed. He then came to me and gave me the best compliments on the store, the curation, the decoration… I realized only later that he actually was an expert on the subject. Author and lecturer to be exact. Receiving such a positive feedback made me feel incredibly good!

Bon parfumeur perfumes sold at jane de boy concept store in bordeaux

What is your favorite Bon Parfumeur perfume?

I am particularly fond of light, fresh and sunny fragrances. I do enjoy the 103 a lot, with its tiare flower which smells amazing in summer. I also like the 801, aquatic and sparkling with its mixture of sea salt and grapefruit.

What is your favorite mix & match?

Keep 801 that I mentioned earlier and add the 102 (I love its mimosa notes) for a mix & match that smells of Cap Ferret, don’t you think?

How do you perfume yourself?

To be honest, I have been faithful to the same perfume for a long time, but now tend to change very ofter. My perfume is now pretty much in line with my desieres and moods of the moment. But generally speaking, I don't wear perfume that much, even less so in summer. The ritual remains however always the same: 2 sprays around the neck, one on each wrist… and sometimes a pschit in the neckline!

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