Find your box match!

You may have noticed the arrival of three beautiful, colorful boxes? The essentials box, containing a solid soap, a scented cream, and their matching perfume, has arrived! This combination is all you need for a beautiful, scented routine in the morning or evening. Three iconic fragrances, three olfactory universes, the 003, the 101 and the 801.

How to find your ideal box? Which fragrance to choose? Don’t worry ! We're here to explain everything! Join us in a little game to help you figure out your perfect match. 

If you …

  • Are a fan of sunny getaways discovering the Mediterranean coast
  • Prefer fresh, tangy, and invigorating drinks that nod to your passion for citrus fruits
  • Are an energetic and dynamic person, nothing can stop you…

Les Essentiels Box 003 is your match! Without any hesitation, this trio of products is for you. Yuzu and violet leaf provide a little boost and create an energizing, vegetal tone that gets your day off to a great start! 

If you …

  • Pay particular attention to the little details
  • Are a fan of classic films with a touch of nostalgia
  • Love Vinted and have thrifted Parisian clothes for ages

Without further ado, discover Les Essentiels box 101. Sweet, powdery scents of rose and sweet peas with surprising notes of cold cardamom spices that enhance the mix. Refinement and character, a winning duo!

If you …

  • Love trips out to sea …but in the rain, with the wind in your eyes (real sailor vibes)
  • Are a person who likes to enjoy the simple things in life
  • Think that Sundays spent by the fireside under the duvet are also cool

We’ve got you! Les Essentiels Box 801 is your new partner! The freshness of citrus mixed with the scent of sea spray, wood and spicy sweetness is THE fragrance for you. Go for it!

Boxes to use on your own or to share with your crush / flame / mom ... that's up to you!



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