Focus on incense : our new favorite ingredient

At Bon Parfumeur we love our ingredients, as they are full of surprises, poetique and even exotic...
Today we would like to present you a quite special olfactory material: incense.
Why ? Simply because it is the key ingredient in our brand new fragrance. Patience, patience: we are coming there.

What is exactly the so-called incense?

The incense, also called “oliban” (let’s stick to the word incense, to make things easier) commes originally from resin, that is extracted from the Burseraceae family of trees. This interesting family of trees grows in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, in India, but also in the northeast of Africa. The main function of incense is to protect the tree from insects (just like a spray that we use to protect ourselves from mosquitoes on a summer evening).

Used for thousands of years, the incense has had a divine connotation: it was widely used in various religious rituals in ancient Egypt, in fact, it was a way to communicate with gods!
This luxury material with mysterious powers was even once sold for more than gold.The incense, an ingredient with a long history
When we talk about incense, we often tend to imagine a temple, a church or a spice market.In fact, it is much more than that: its history goes back for more than 6000 years! The first adepts of the incense were the Indians, a long, long time ago. Today, it is actually Indian incense that is most frequently found in stores: yes, we are talking about the one that is found in the form of a rod, in those fancy stores of decor...

This somehow "amateur" fumigations that we do in our living rooms echoes an ancestral gesture in certain eastern regions and in Africa: actually, this is how certain communities continue to perfume their bodies and clothes. In fact, with the incense, we come back to a primitive form of perfumery ... Carrying incense is a bit like carrying a tradition of a certain region, their history and culture.

The incense, how does it smell exactly?

The Incense smells like an exotic trip, like spices and like a change of scenery in your window... Its smell is fresh, camphorous, waxy and a little bit spicy.We are clearly not the only ones who like it that much!
The famous Guerlain Shalimar stands out thanks to the notes of our new favorite ingredient.

The same goes for Bois d'Argent byDior, an oriental and mysterious fragrance well known to the incense fans ...To sum up, the incense makes a fragrance so unique... And so we have decided to honor it in return.
Combined with tonka and leather in our latest olfactory cocktail, the 603, it stands out thanks to its ultra fresh peppery touch. 



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