Gender free perfumes

When we started this adventure, we were stuck with a slightly strange question. Should we make our first perfume masculine or feminine? And then, how would we decide which of our next fragrances were for women? Or men? Would we have to choose who we were making our perfume for, even before we knew what it would smell like? 

Faced with this deluge of questions, we all came to the same conclusion. Why must perfumes be gendered at all? At Bon Parfumeur, we are convinced that a smell can definitely tell a story or evoke a souvenir, but that they do not define who we are or should be. Our concept is not to whisper in your ear what we think you should be feeling, but rather to offer you a huge variety of fragrances, from which (we hope) you will be able to find the ones which most closely resemble YOU. 

In short, at Bon Parfumeur, we have made dozens of perfumes which are 100% gender free. So, what does that mean exactly? Perfumes for any and all sexes, that’s what we mean! From rose to pepper via cedar, all, absolutely ALL our perfumes are conceived of as unisex. And anyway, we think it’s time to drop any outdated preconceived notions about what a woman should smell like. 

When clients come visit us at our Paris boutique, we love letting them discover fragrances which they would never have dreamed of trying. Like, for example, our Woody family of perfumes. Did you know that this collection of notes could also be very ‘feminine’? Warm but ultra-fresh, even sometimes energizing, the woody aromas are sure to please some, if not all! They are very sensual, and transport us immediately to a world of leafy canopies, where you can almost taste the mystery and spirituality of the forest.  

What’s our current obsession in the Woody family? Number 603! Still gender free, its principal notes are leather, incense and tonka beans. Spicy but floral, warm but fresh and, thanks to the incense, with just a little mystical twist, it is the perfect compromise for those who can’t make up their minds. In the borderlands between masculine and feminine, we love it for its green-amber scent. 

What we’re trying to say is that the most important thing is to wear a perfume which you love, which represents you and which makes you feel alive! So stay happy and always, always, beautifully parfumé ;)



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