Guess who is behind JOVOY’s window ?

This is our new 702! It even has a wonderful window display all to itself, 4 Rue de Castiglione in Paris. 

Meet François Henin, who tells us why he loves us and what he likes best about us :)

- A few words about Jovoy ?

In just 10 years, Jovoy has become the address for rare perfume lovers in Paris. With more than 1600 perfumes from all over the world... Jovoy and its website have become a place of discovery where perfume lovers and enthusiasts can find their own olfactory signature and try perfumes very easily thanks to our box and sampling program.

- How would you define this store?

It’s a calm and warm place where our team is totally dedicated to helping you find the perfume(s) that will take us out of the anonymity of the perfumes worn by everyone.

- What are your criteria for selecting products?

Originality, authenticity, and above all never forget that if the presentation is always a plus, what is important is inside the bottle!

- What is your most moving customer memory?

We often see people touched by perfumes and the memory they awaken in us, memories, sensations, people who have marked us.

But the memory I wish to share with you is in a completely different register! One morning we discovered a note, (on google I think), with a very touching comment.

It was one of the delivery men, not a customer at all, who just wanted to say how nice he found us. You can’t invent it and you never forget it...

- What is your favorite product in the store’s selection?

We have all our favorites, the best is to come and visit us at 4 rue de Castiglione, we will make you discover them

- Why Bon Parfumeur?

Elegant bottles, signed and original perfumes, using noble materials of fine perfumery, all at the right price .... How can you resist?

- What is your favorite Bon Parfumeur fragrance?

My heart goes out to 302 and 402...

- Are you a Mix & Match fan? Which one is yours?

I have my own little recipe but I keep it secret!




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