Happiness rhymes with perfume 

March 20th is the International Day of Happiness. You had never heard of it? Well this day is the day to be happy! A beautiful initiative that may leave you a little bit stunned. Why the hell are we talking about it? Simply because we wish you to be happy and as fulfilled as possible. Times are complicated: meeting our friends (always respecting the barrier gestures), having a good little regressive dish delivered at home, ordering this pretty jacket seen on this e-shop, watching (or discovering) your new favorite movie... These are the little moments of pleasure that we can offer ourselves today. 

And what about perfumes ?  And yes, smells contribute to our happiness and fulfillment.

With perfumes we live more intensely the happy moments and we soften the sad moments. We are going to reveal you a secret... The author of these lines lost a lover with the 302 and found another one with the 902 at a clandestine dinner with friends. Every smell or perfume echoes moments of happiness, or not! 

And yes, all that is very related... As you may know, our fragrances are all inspired by memories and experiences. A long bath in the ocean, a glass of red wine on the terrace, a stroll in a spices market during a faraway trip... We love to take refuge in happy (or unhappy, what we don't wish you and especially what our fragrances don't evoke hehe) memories thanks to a known, comforting scent. 

To make yourself feel good, it is important, especially at this time. And you will have understood it: our perfumes can help you. Offering a 100% holistic experience, awakening all the senses, from sight (the choice of colors on our labels is not a coincidence...), to smell, to taste (closely related). Remembering the pleasure of biting into a good pastry in a tea room with our Gourmands, the sensation experienced after having travelled miles in the forest with our Woody. Or experience a night where cocktails, going out to a club and sleeping a little late (or even early in the morning) are programmed with our 004

Based on gin, tangerine and musk, this mix is an ode to the festivities that we all miss. Ultra fresh and sophisticated, with it, we like to imagine what it feels like to dance in a dark and crowded room. Quick, quick: Bon Parfumeur feels that 2021 will rhyme with looong evenings. 

We wish you all a very beautiful day of happiness.



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