Happy friendship day!

In case of joy, sorrow, doubt, they are always there: friends.

No matter where your friends are during this sensitive period, it’s today time to celebrate friendship! Some Greek philosopher once said “without friends, no one chose to live”! And we can only agree with him! 

At Bon Parfumeur, everything is about friendship and emotions!

Since today is Friendship Day, it sounded like a great opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being here, thank you for supporting us, thank you for adopting us.

It's also a great time to call your friends and remember your best memories. Maybe some would start from a smell? As you know, your olfactory senses are intimately linked to your memory and feelings. They create emotions and can sometimes throw you back in the past.


This is why perfumes are often associated to a person. Think of this friend always wearing his fresh and zesty cologne. How can you forget him? It also works with places, such as an early walk in forest surrounded by the smell of moss, humid and smoky woodland. Or the sweet smell of tiare flower that takes us back to our most beautiful journey on the island.
This sophisticated perfume of Iris that reminds us of our evenings until the end of the night...


No need to go further, emotions related to scents are countless! Today we are proud, as a perfume house, to create emotions through our scents and to offer you strong grounds for friendship! 

We wish you a very happy friendship day!



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