HELP! How to choose ?

Finding a scent that suits you is a challenge, and you can  quickly get lost when faced with thirty plus fragrances to choose from. Something flowery! No, rather woody! Or both !? How to find THE right perfume? Don't panic, you've come to the right place. Here is a quick guide that will help just about anyone find their perfect match.

Rather cologne?

Discrete and light! Super easy to wear, colognes are a bit of a must have! Freshness, good humor, comfort… it's hard not to like them. The orange blossom of our 001 sweeps us back into our favorite childhood memories. A fragrance for yourself, very sweet.

A floral note?

Freshness, delicacy, all spiced up with a touch of exuberance: these are the florals! Often accompanied by many preconceived ideas, you’ll be pleased to hear that in fact, floral scents have no gender. Our 101, a fresh rose, appears chypre and musky on men's skin. We’re not inventing anything, you’re telling us! It’s daring, but amazing!

Fruity fizzy fizzy?

Would you describe yourself as a rather cheerful, dynamic person, always looking for freshness and lightness? If so, it’s very possible that you will like fruity scents. Why not try 201? A sparkling green apple. Or for a more indulgent take, try 203, a raspberry caliente on a background of vanilla.

Amber and spicy?

Have you got a strong character that leaves a lasting impression on everyone you meet? Then the 301 is made for you! Amber, cardamom, and sandalwood dress you from head to toe without a crease. Racy, intense, and rich fragrances, but still with some softness in the background.

Oriental heat!

Sensuality, richness of ingredients, captivating warmth… this is the Oriental family calling you. Here, we make an appointment with 401, a candied and intoxicating plum. The 402 on the other hand, is very different. This perfume showcases a tender, yet supple and enveloping vanilla.


Do you find it impossible to resist the sweet pleasures in life? You simply melt for an ice cream or a chocolate crêpe? Now is the time to discover our 501 - to be consumed without moderation. Delicious notes of praline and liquorice give your skin a scent you want to eat! 

In the beautiful woods!

Each wood brings a different atmosphere - sandalwood is creamy, cedar is dry - it's a huge playground. These are the stars of versatility. Essentially unisex, they settle into compositions with elegance and character. Vetiver fans love our 601, a very fresh note built around this root.


Enigmatic and ultra chic, aromatics combine the freshness of herbs with woody notes. Did you find the cannabis note hidden on the perfume 701? 

Aquatic tones

For lovers of the sea and the freshness of evening winds, the waves of the 801 will capsize your heart without any seasickness! What a team of romantics we are at Bon Parfumeur! A return to iodized and invigorating sources to splash you with freshness all year round. Our 802 provides another interpretation of watery notes, reminding us more of the early morning dew. Fresh and delicate, this fragrance showcases notes of peony and lotus flower.

The specials.

The unclassifiable, the rebels at the back of the class. They think outside the box and that's why we love them. The 901, a sensual, spicy blond wood vs the 902, an Armagnac with the scent of tobacco. Two fragrances with daring personalities.

Impossible to choose only one olfactory family! Each fragrance corresponds to a moment, an emotion, a mood ... At Bon Parfumeur, we also like to combine several fragrances with each other and thus create our own unique trail. We call this: Mix & Match. One, two, three scents, dare to play around with layering!

Now that you have the keys in hand, you can avoid the “ah thank you, you shouldn't…” for the next gift you give. Write to us here if you need more advice! Hugo is an expert, and he will be happy to help.



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