Helping our caregivers

Over the past weeks, our team has been working on initiatives to support the healthcare workers. Here are the first results we are proud to share with you:

  • A dedicated community we are really proud of. We are only able to source protective gears thanks to your support. Helped by your loyalty, your “likes”, your comments, your posts sharing or your generous donations, we can provide for carevigers.
  • 1000 N95 masks delivered to the Simone Veil hospital in Paris area, on April 7th. Helping the healthcare workers to protect themselves is the minimum we can do! And we are really glad to be able participate here.
  • 5000 N95 masks are on their way to us from Hong Kong. Delivered to our asian facilities on April 9th, we should be able to fly them over very soon.
  • 2000 extra masks were ordered on your behalf. Because we will never say it too much: it is thanks to you that we are able to help today.
  • Bottles of perfumes delivered to the Geroges Pompidou hospital in Paris, where masks are not lacking. There it is more about providing moral support to caregivers with thoughtful gifts than protective gears. 

The result of all these operations? 8000 masks ordered, some of them already delivered, others on their way and a bit of comfort brought to the caregivers.

We hope to continue our work the next few weeks.

Our fundraising page is still open to our community and to those who want to participate. Each donation is useful to protect the medical staff. You can join it just here




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