Home sweet home : our first candle

Throughout the day, we are exposed to a full range of different smells. From public transport, to streets, office spaces, bars and restaurants… Your nose is constantly stimulated - and it's not always so pleasant. At the end of the day, the only thing we really want to smell is the comforting scent of home.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a dedicated home fragrance. But how do we create a home fragrance? It can come naturally from the people we live with, the things we cook or we can sometimes enhance our home scent using incense or candles. 

Having a signature home fragrance is the best way to feel welcomed at home. It helps us relaxing and unplugging our brains.

So why do we tell you all of that? At Bon Parfumeur we’ve decided to extend our arty and artisanal perfumes range to home fragrances. It felt just right to work on developing home fragrances that makes everyone feel more comfortable with their interiors. 
Each of our new candles has a set mood: from party gatherings to family moments or quality times alone we have the right scent for you.

All of our 3 candles are available in regular 180g format and mini trio size of 3x70g to discover the whole range. Do not look further, it’s a great gift for friends having you over next week …

We can’t express how much we like the candle 01! Such a fresh seasonal scent…

Basil, fig leaves and mint create a soft and romantic atmosphere, perfect to extend summer directly from our sofa. This 01 Bon Parfumeur candle has very subtle balances and is slightly spiced while very discrete and refreshing. Some sweet and bitter citrusy notes at the end… Did we mention the woody (eucalyptus) and sensual vanilla notes?

We are really proud of  the 01 for its refined smell of summer. Extra perk: our candles can last up to 55 hours… Long and sweet evenings guaranteed!




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