Home sweet home ... part 2

A few weeks ago we mentioned our first candle ever, the 01. A subtle mix of Basilic, fig leaves and mint. We bet you’ve just received yours!

We are proud to introduce today its sister, the 02 candle. Made of coriander, honey and tobacco leaves, this candle will add a vibrant touch to your winter mood. Beyond the three dominant ingredients, some will recognize notes of lavender from Provence, ylang-ylang from the Comoros, anise and tonka. Sweet, fruity and above all well balanced, this candle reminds us of summer and its sweet sunny scents.

To light up for a Netflix and chill kind of evening, or for a (limited) gathering. it is a must for all of you that can’t say goodbye to hot and frenzied summer nights. Our candle 02 is definitely a festive candle.

So since we’re into candles, let’s cover a brief history.

Historians fond their traces as early as 3000 BC for lighting purposes... Much later, during the Middle Age, candles rivaled with oil lamps, and were then considered very luxurious (therefore not very accessible). At the time candles were simple rushes dipped in animal fat (mutton, beef… Glamor!). We could even consider them as ”vegan” thanks to the use of certain materials such as tallow. Once the rods were soaked in the material, they were then left for several hours in the open air for the solidification phase.

Another option was possible for more privileged people using beeswax – not quite vegan tho. Extremely expensive and rare, it wasn’t common...

In more recent history, candles appeared massively in Bugaya. This Algerian city was one of the first wax producers in the early 19th century.

Today, even tho we don’t need candles for lighting anymore (except during blackouts or romantic dinners) they are still very popular. They can also have a spiritual dimension for some.

We absolutely love candles when they are used for family and friends gatherings.... and even more when they are scented! They spice up our interiors with an instant warm welcoming feeling.

How are scented candles made? The creation process is slightly different from classic ones. Fragrance is first incorporated into hot wax and then the mixture is poured into pretty containers with a wick in the middle. Next step involves waiting for these babies to cool down. They’re then ready to spice up your evenings!

How will they turn up your interior? Once lighted, the wick melts the scented wax and creates a "melting bath". The perfume is diffused in the air by evaporation, and off we go: it smells divine!

You are now real candle pros ... Now let's head back to our three babies! Which one will you fall for?



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