How to make your fragrance last longer

As you all know, we love a fragrance with power – be that staying power, the power to endure over time, or the power to save the planet. So how can you make a fragrance last as long as possible on your skin?

It all starts with moisturizing. At Bon Parfumeur, we recommend slathering yourself in lotion before you apply your favorite fragrance. Your skin is sure to thank you for moisturizing it in general (so long flaky scaly skin, hello baby-like softness). But applying a body balm or cream before spraying on your scent of choice is actually a real pro tip for maximizing your perfume. It works because the oils help fix the fragrance and allow it to absorb more readily into your skin. Once you’re sleek, silky and hydrated from head to toe, you should continue to apply this cream and perfume combo throughout the day – whenever possible, of course. Naturally it’s tricky to coat your legs in lotion mid-afternoon at work or when you’re out and about. 

So concentrate on your hands. As well as being particularly delicate, this area is right next to pulse points that will help give your fragrance a boost (your wrists). A dab of cream + a few sprays of one of our fragrances = smelling divine all day long! But which cream goes with which fragrance? Here are our favorite mix and match pairings.

Our hand cream 003 with... any of our fragrances!

Not only will this cream leave your hands oh-so soft, it goes with absolutely any fragrance! Its must-have cologne scent is very easy to wear. Ludovic Bonneton loves to combine 003 & 602 (pepper, cedar and patchouli) for very fresh, intensely woody notes. So there you have it!

Our hand cream 101 with... our 103

Gentle rose meets the sunny softness of 103 (tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus) for a bouquet of bright flowers that will lift your mood and make you smile. 

Our hand cream 801 with... our 203

Refreshing and briny with notes of citrus fruits – this cream will leave your hands beautiful, but that’s not all! When combined on the wrists with our 203 (raspberry, vanilla and blackberry), it gives the fruity notes a whole new dimension, making them juicier and more aquatic. A refreshing pairing that is perfect for sunny days.



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