How to use your candle ?

Gray sky, cold evenings and short days are approaching… So how to brighten up these long and confined evenings ahead? With our scented candles, of course! To gift or to keep for your little cocoons, they’ll become a very loyal friend to most of you. 

When you find your dream scent you wish it could last forever and go everywhere you go. But by the way, how do you properly use a scented candle? How to make this comfortable scent last as long as possible? Before being a fragrance diffuser and an olfactory atmosphere, candles are a simple mix of wick, wax and fragrance ... All different materials that you need to know how to master. You said what?? Here we go, we tell you EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know on how to properly use scented candles!

Let's start with the wick! It’s usually a black or white rod that you light up when you want to enjoy your candle. The rod length is essential: a too long wick will burn wax more quickly and may cause a lot of smoke.

So what’s the ideal length? Between 0.5 and 1cm! Feel free to use a pair of scissors to adjust your wick after each use while the wax is still soft. This will provide a seamless burn and your candle will be used efficiently!

Another pro tip: when using for the first time, you are strongly advised to burn your candle for several hours. No stress, our 180g candles can last up to 50 hours... Letting your candle burn long enough will distribute the melting wax evenly and make it reach the edge of the candle, avoiding therefore the "tunnel effect". When a candle does not burn evenly, it each time creates a deeper hole in the wax and reduces its lifespan. We all have experienced this, and we know how difficult, if not impossible, it is to catch up. So when in doubt, burn your candle for at least two good hours to start with!

Another thing that may not be so obvious: do not blow off your candle to switch it off. Why ? To avoid smoke and to ruin your cozy atmosphere😷. And our firefighter will only agree with us here: blowing off a candle can propagate sparks in the air! Make some room for a candle snuffer instead! You can also use a spoon alternatively (lazy ones!).

We’re not done! Removing foreign elements (dust, etc.) from the candle surface achieve a better combustion. We’d also advise you to burn your candle on a flat surface, to keep the wax nice and flat.

Finally, when your candle is over (sniff) and you want to keep the glass (great planter!) you can place it in the freezer for one night. This will make the remaining wax easy to go away. Then rinse with hot water and you should be good to go.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips and that you will now make the most of your scented candles!



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