How to wear perfume ? Our tips and tricks !

Wearing perfume. A spray here, another there, and here we go : ready to spend a relaxing and fragrant day.

We wish it could be that easy… If you want your perfume to last all day long, you need to learn a few super simple reflexes. Because, yes, there is a real technique on how to put fragrance on! Wanna learn more? The Bon Parfumeur team explains you everything ;) 

Don't rub, just spray! 

When we put perfume on, we often tend to rub it on our wrists and neck. And it’s definitely a bad habit. Why? It heats the skin so it changes the smell of the perfume. To keep it authentic, just spray your favorite fragrance on your neck, wrists, hair and chest. And that’s it: ready to rock!

Keep it for long!

Perfume doesn’t stay long on a dry skin. The Bon Parfumeur team recommends to spray perfume on clean and hydrated skin (with an unscented body lotion) and on parts which are not covered by clothes (neck, wrists, inner elbows with you’re wearing short sleeves). Secret tips for summer: when it’s super hot, do not spray perfume on your skin, but on your hair and clothes (here it’s not synthetic, obviously). Why? Just because sweat tends to modify the scent of a perfume!

Store your perfume in a safe place

It means: don’t keep it in your bathroom if you’re addicted to super hot and long showers ! Humidity and high temperatures can change the scent of your fragrance and make it age faster. One last tips: do not leave your bottle in a too luminous place, it’s also bad for him. So do not leave it in the sun and keep it in a fresh room.

Synthetic and perfumes: a few things you must know

If you often wear synthetic fabrics, the Bon Parfumeur team advices you against spraying your fragrance on it. Perfume + synthetic clothes = bad olfactory result.

Since we’re talking synthetic, here is a little clarification. In perfumery, it’s not always a dirty word. Indeed, synthetics are sometimes used, not because it’s cheaper or practical, but because it’s more respectful. Yes, you read well: sometimes natural molecules, even when it smells really good, are dangerous for the skin. Also, synthetic molecules are most of times more eco-friendly (indeed, the ones Bon Parfumeur use are totally vegan!).

The idea of all-natural perfumes is seducing, but you most know that it is really rare, to not say it does not exist !

We hope that our little tips helped you to understand how to put perfume. Some questions, comments? Do not hesitate to write us just here !



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