Interview with Baptiste, manager of Manifest Store

Interview with Manifest Store, Montpelier, France
Martial, Managing Director & Founder

inside manifestore concept store selling bon parfumeur

Manifest Store
is before anything the crazy adventure of Martial Ballejos, a high caliber in the world of multi-brands / concept stores in France. Born in this industry thanks to a father already in fashion stores, the 30-year-old is today at the head of six multi-brand boutiques in the South of France. Among them, Manifest Store, a very recent concept store with an ultra-sharp selection. Independent business located in the heart of Montpellier, it offers stylish, hand-picked clothes, pieces from young French creative houses, lifestyle but also a wide range of minimalist / chic accessories. Now Let’s talk about Bon Parfumeur…


What is your favorite Perfume in our collection?

I must say that your 602, Pepper / Cedar / Patchouli is my little darling. Its spicy and ultra fresh notes do not leave me insensitive at all ...

I also love 001 (orange blossom / petit grain / bergamot), 301 (amber / cardamom / sandalwood) and 902 (armagnac / light tobacco / cinnamon). To mix, to wear in the evening, during the day, depending on my mood, I find that they fit to all styles. Like a well-cut white shirt, for me they are nothing but essentials!


What is your favorite mix and match? 

301 (amber / cardamom / sandalwood) and 003 (yuzu / violet leaves / vetiver) are just perfect together. The woody touch of 003 blends extremely well with the powerful scent of amber and the sweetness of sandalwood.
manifestore concept store main room

What is your funniest customer memory?

One day a customer came not 1 or 2 but 3 times to the store, the same day! Why ? Because he was a simply incapable of making a choice... He couldn't choose among your perfumes. Everytime we saw him coming back we were more amazed at his behaviour! It trully felt like a prank. At the end of the day, he picked a different perfume every time and ended up going home with 3 different perfumes. What more could we ask for? ;)


What is your most touching customer memory?

So, this is a particularly nifty and cute story. A mother and daughter came to the store to buy perfumes. They lived far apart and wanted fragrances to use at the same time even when theyr were away form each other. A beautiful and touching mother / daughter relationship!


How do you perfume yourself?

Daily and lightly, it is so much more enjoyable! A little behind the ear, a little on the wrist and paf, voila. Ready for the day! 

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