Interview with Ruth, Sois Blessed founder

Interview, Sois Blessed, Munich, Germany

sois blessed retail store main room with products

Why did you start this store?

I started SOIS BLESSED because I wanted to stand up again for something that really gives meaning and purpose to others. I feel deeply blessed in my life, so it is my heart's desire to give back what is given to me; to create a place of values.
Here at SOIS BLESSED we choose to be a blessing for the people who come into our store everyday, to make them feel like home. As I learned about HOPE SCHOOLS it suddenly came together perfectly: HOPE SCHOOLS is a school in South Africa, where 300 HIV- positive children from the townships are given love, food and education; all funded by donations. With our non-profit collection we get the chance to truly make a change and support these children in need, giving them life perspective.

It also builds the core of our fashion & interior assortment. While the flowerstudio is an expression of the beauty of life, the daybar connects all people looking for an interesting, inspiring community and heartfelt conversations.
ruth founder of sois blessed retail storeRuth Gombert, Founder

What would you say defines the SOIS BLESSED concept store?

A curation as inspiring as the community itself. We are always looking for small, innovative brands - hidden treasures, which can’t be found anywhere else in Munich and those who share the same values as we do. This, plus the same heartbeat! 

sois blessed retail store

What is the criteria for your product selection?

High quality, uniqueness, beautiful design and meaningful stories worth to tell. We love to support local collections, sustainable ideas (like upcycling old kimonos to build a lamp) and true craftsmanship.Bon parfumeur perfumes at sois blessed retail store

What is your funniest customer memory?

We have this one customer, who is well known in Munich and every Saturday he comes to SOIS BLESSED to pick up fresh flowers. He is always so enthusiastic that he steps behind the counter to be part of the process. This always puts a smile on our face.

What is your most touching customer memory?

As said before it’s very important for us to have a personal relationship with our guests. We think, especially in times like these, taking the time to talk and actually getting to know our customer, to really listen, is the most important and also very rewarding on a personal level. One of our customers came to SOIS BLESSED after she got the diagnosis of a severe illness and we had the chance to sit down with her and listen to her fears and hopes. We have a T-Shirt printed “Der Himmel ist oben” (“Heaven is above”). At the end of our talk I gave it to her as a present to show her our support and also because sometimes all we can do is to wait for help from above.


What is your favorite product in the store selection?

Probably our SOIS BLESSED DUTTI-Lamp. It’s part of our non-profit collection and the highlight of every room its placed in (shown in our pictures).
sois blessed retail store main table with products

What is your favorite Bon Parfumeur perfume?

I love the 801. It’s a beautiful perfume for both women and men. The combination of grapefruit and cedar is fresh and warm altogether and the notes of sea spray makes you feel like you ́re on holiday.

Are you a Mix&Match lover?

Yes! Mix&Match gives you the opportunity to create a complex bouquet and play with new scents from time to time. This way you can create your own “signature” scent!sois blessed retail store main room



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