Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, perfumer creator 

But who could be hiding behind this name that we often evoke in our Insta captions (especially at the moment)? 

Where to start... When we met Karine, it was love at first sight. Her journey, inspiring and inspired, worthy of a novel or a perfumer's dream, made us want to collaborate, and not just a little! We owe her the entirety of our scented candles, the mythical 002 (neroli, jasmine, white amber) and... the 004, our latest rock fragrance with accents of gin, tangerine and musk. 

For Karine, it all starts in Grasse, the city of her childhood (a funny coincidence, isn’t it?). Here, our top perfumer grows up in her grandmother's mimosa-filled garden, near the distilleries of well-known houses and is lulled by the smells of the South throughout her childhood (orange trees, aniseed, orange blossoms...). 

Later, she trained at Givaudan (formerly Roure), the perfumery school where the most famous perfumers come from. And today, we owe Karine more than... one hundred perfumes. Azzaro, Mugler, and Guerlain, our creator clearly has an "olfactory baggage" that's going wild! 

For a few years now, Karine has been collaborating with Bon Parfumeur. It is with a Cologne, the 002, that the adventure began. Karine remembers with emotion that, as a little girl, she was rubbed with this water when she got out of the bath… This olfactory family is therefore dear to her, and with our 004, freshly unveiled to the public, she offers us a "juice" that is both soft and comforting, like a classic but also atypical Cologne, with a touch of insolence, in the Bon Parfumeur style. 

Karine and the 004

When we discussed our latest creation with Karine, it was all about celebration. The Bon Parfumeur team was dreaming of a joyful perfume, a bit rocky, that would remind us of the long nights of madness that we miss so much. The gamble paid off. Karine had the idea of mixing juniper berries (the ones that make gin) with clementine and musk. Ultra fresh, sexy and zesty, this olfactory cocktail that makes us want to dance also contains notes of tobacco, patchouli, nutmeg and tonka bean. An audacious mix that awakens comforting memories, with a touch of madness. Want to try it? Discover it right here.



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