Almond notes in perfumery 🧡

We know the endless debate between pain au chocolat and chocolatine... We're starting a new one: frangipane or brioche crown? At Bon Parfumeur we don't choose, we go for both!

🧡 Team galette des rois à la frangipane:
It all starts with a fireside snack. Gourmet notes of vanilla and almond float They are a perfect match and share the same sweet and comforting lexicon.

This makes us think of our 
402 and its creamy vanilla.

Halfway between an almond dessert and a vanilla milk, it's a wonderfully addictive scent on the skin. It's like the last piece of a cake, everyone is fighting for it!

Did you know: In perfumery, almond notes actually come from benzaldehyde, a colorless liquid with a bitter almond smell. It is made from the inside of apricot pits.
They can also come from heliotropin. A name that echoes heliotrope: the flower that turns towards the sun (and smells of almond and cherry). This molecule exists naturally, in small quantities, in the violet leaf.

🤍 Team brioche des rois à la fleur d'oranger with 

We are carried away by the sweetness of this cake with sugar sprinkles... Guaranteed to bring you back to a childhood in Provence! As for the smell, a delicious floral blend that is slightly invigorating, like a Mediterranean breeze you titillate our nostrils.

Did you know : Orange blossom was a very popular scent at the court of Louis XIV. He was also called the king who "bloomed well". He owned the great orangerie outside the palace, which released the scent of neroli in the flower season!

Ps: The two perfumes in superposition do wonders! We advise you to test this mix & match!




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