Meet our perfumer Mylène Alran

A meeting with Mylène Alran, the perfumer whose star is rising and rising. At Bon Parfumeur, we are so proud of our perfumers because they are inspiring, ultra-creative and unbelievably talented (that kind of goes without saying) and also because their stories are full of twists and turns. So, obviously, when we met Mylène, we fell in love straight away. Let’s take a closer look at the creative talent hiding behind our 603, the astonishing perfume with hints of leather, and notes of incense and tonka beans (patience, patience, we’ll get to that later…)


The story of Mylène and perfumes is first and foremost a love story (one which goes back a long way!). As a child, growing up in the South-west of France, she began at a young age to wonder about all the smells which were around her – the countryside, the forest, woods, flowers or even people. The idea of becoming a ‘creator of perfumes’ was planted pretty early, and these same childhood scents have followed her to today. 

After having studied chemistry at The University of Montpellier (even perfumers have to go to school!), she started out at Robertet, which is a gold standard in the perfume world. In 2019, our ‘super nose’ joined Drom perfumes. During this period, she created signature perfumes which pretty much all of us know: Chloé Absolu de Parfum, Chrome Intense d’Azzaro… And it was shortly after that that we met her, and her 603 made its grand entrance into our Woody family! Would you like to hear more about this super sensual and ever-so-slightly mystical fragrance? Follow us! 

When we collaborate with artists, with like to give them carte blanche so that they can really express themselves creatively. It’s a trust thing ;) When Mylène started to work on 603, it was with ideas around travel, something deep, almost spiritual, in mind. A real return to the essence of things, an experience which is not only relaxing, but also particularly relevant to all of our lives at the moment. 

With its shades of incense (one of the very first perfumes ever created, dating back to Ancient Egypt!), 603 transports us to faraway lands from the very first spritz. We love it for its warm and oriental notes, which are balanced by the freshness of lemon and green violet leaves. Its sexy heart notes slowly reveal powerful echoes of tonka bean and a leathery warmth (no, there isn’t actually any leather in this perfume, it’s just a sensory suggestion!)

No stranger to voyages in Morocco, Mylène Alran wanted to translate all the atmosphere of its colourful souks and busy streets into this perfume. We think she’s done it – you can feel that heat and joy, but also the surprise of those fresh notes we mentioned earlier. 603 covers a vast range of very different scents, and we hope you will find yourself among them. Especially since we can’t really travel very far in real life (for the moment, at least!).

And you, have you tried our 603? Tell us what you think.



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