Mix and match, or Creating THE perfect blend for you

You have probably worked out by now: here at Bon Parfumeur we like it when our perfumes tell stories. Every one of our creations is based on a memory or emotion. Fleeting moments captured… plunging hot legs into ice cold water with our 801 (sea spray, cedar and grapefruit), exploring under the fresh, shady forest canopy with our 601 (vetiver, cedar and bergamot) or even biting into a long-forgotten patisserie with our 501 (praline, liquorice and patchouli) … As you can see, our life stories are wrapped up in our fragrances, and it is our favourite thing to go on a trip down memory lane with a simple spritz. 

And what if we told you that it was possible to interweave more than one memory, so that you too could recreate a souvenir that you, and only you, have experienced, or simply to mix a blend which totally encapsulates you?

So what are our ‘mix and matches’? The idea is pretty simple: you just have to choose a couple of our perfumes to create your own unique sensory association. Then you can mix it, share it with a lover, swap it – our mix and matches are perfect for creative souls who are in search of originality (especially those with a heightened sense of smell!). You have the freedom to go digging through our perfume archive to create THE ultimate fragrance of your dreams. Start your own collection! 

We’ll show you – let’s take a closer look at our three current favourite duos, based on 004, our very latest and freshest Cologne.


004 & 602 

 What happens when we mix our 004 (gin, mandarin and musk) and 602 (black pepper, cedar, patchouli)? Only an absolute bomb of freshness, that’s all! The spicy aspect of 602, married with the juniper berries in 004 really makes this duo pop. And what? There’s more? The patchouli at the base of this mix and match creates a unique and deep mix, full of character. 


004 & 101  

Oh, did you say flowers? When mixed with our 101 (rose, sweet pea, white cedar), the 004, normally so confident and powerful, becomes all sweetness and light. The champagne fizz of our Cologne balances out the ultra-soft, almost-feminine effect of our 101. 


004 & 701 

A blend for those who swear by the aromatics. When we mix our 701 (eucalyptus, coriander and cypress) with 004 and its famous juniper berries, you get an ultra-spicy herbal cocktail. 

Now the hard part begins – choosing! With our mix and match, there are hundreds of possible combinations, each of which has a different story to tell. It’s up to you to find yours ;)



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