On our way to 2022!

Brrrrr, how cold is it? December is almost over and we’re not going to have any trouble saying goodbye to 2021. We are more than ready to move onto a flawless new year, here’s to 2022!

Speaking of making 2022 flawless, what do you think about New Year's resolutions? Do you make rigorous lists of personal and professional goals or do you prefer to glide spontaneously into each new year? We’ve decided that we are FOR: the impossible, the "get that bread", the don’t wait until tomorrow... we’re into putting ourselves out there in order to move ourselves forward. Here at Bon Parfumeur, we believe that resolutions should be year round, don’t wait until December 31st to do better!

Being eco conscious: this is nothing new! (and clearly a great idea for everyone). It's a daily struggle in our ways of working, where efficiency and short cuts are easier than ‘Made in France’, but limiting plastic and pushing natural elements in our products are things we strive for. It's one thing to make beautiful perfume, but we have to give thought to what goes into it - ingredients and elements that are gentle on us, our skin, and the planet. Innovation in packaging and ingredients is key. It is thanks to the efforts of our incredible partners and their environmental awareness that we are also able to move forward. For example, the tubes that our hand creams come in are made from sugar cane and not plastic. The result is sleek and finished and while it costs us a little more, we recognize that the effort has to be collective if we are to reduce our impact. It's a choice.

Being closer to you: there’s nowhere we would rather be, than right here with you (be careful, emotional moment alert, get out the tissues and cookie dough ice cream!). Nah but it's true, and it has to be said! You are our daily inspiration, our morning ginger shot, our 3pm coffee, our post-party hang-over cure. To advise you, to listen to you, to hear your insight - this is precious to us, and we want to do it even better. We love receiving your little words, your incredible stories which are often linked to our perfumes, and especially your criticisms which are fair and constructive.

Being in love with life: going out, seeing your friends, sorting out your admin, going for a walk, having an awkward moment, playing sports, eating white chocolate, losing control, going on vacation, taking the metro, waking up at night. This year we want to highlight life - its little moments and its big moments, its triumphs, and its failures. In short, we want to highlight all of life, period. Learn at your own pace to love everything, appreciate everything, turn a difficult moment into a great lesson, spread joy everywhere and see what happens.

By the way, that's all we wish for you this New Year, to take life as it comes and love it as it is. We wish for you to experience it all, to feel it all, the giggles that will hurt your stomach, meetings that make you grow, success and fame, sessions of self-reflection, coincidences, and more!

Happy New Year everyone, sending you all a big hug! Thank you for the love you have for us and see you next year!




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