Our 3 favorite perfumed spots in France for this summer

Holidays, here we go ! Due to the exceptional circonstances our exciting travel plans for the season are a bit disturbed… Unfortunately, road tripping in Asia or spending a long week-end in New-York seems a bit complicated for Europeans. But we have a little suggestion for you ! What if you'd travel in Europe this summer ? And more precisely in France ! France is full of charming, poetic and perfumed places we can not wait to present you. Here are our 3 favorite places to experience dolce vita at its best !


Grasse is a bit what Paris is for romantic souls, but this time for the “perfume addicts”. In other words, it’s truly the Mecca for all of the people who are interested in fragrances. There, you'll find the International Museum of Perfumery (a real must do) but also the Fragonard Museum, where you can contemplate some underrated and intimate artworks of the famous french painter. By the way, why does this museum has the same name than the iconic perfume brand ? Simply because of it’s creator, Eugène Fuchs, that wanted to honore the city of Grass (where Fragonard spent the major part of his life) and the delicacy of the arts from the XVIIIth century.

Besides being full of cultural spots, Grasse is THE city of perfumers : it’s here that the find the oldest and world wide perfumes houses (Molinard, Gallimard…), and it’s possible to observe how their fragrances are made, because they are open to the public !

You probably already understood it : Grasse means a lot to us. It’s also here that most of our perfumes are made (when some are conceived in Paris). Created with a real traditional craftsmanship, and twisted by our signature sassiness, they are designed by “noses” of great renown such as Nathalie Koobus or Carla Chabert.

Le Musée International de La Parfumerie
2 Boulevard du Jeu de Ballon, 06130 Grasse
Open everyday from de 10AM to 7PM

Musée Fragonard
Musée Fragonard - Collection Jean-Honoré Fragonard
Hôtel de Villeneuve, 14 Rue Jean Ossola, 06130 Grasse
Reopening soon

Sénanque Abbey

On dirait le Suuuuud ♪♪♪ (literally “ Southern feelings ” thanks Nino Ferrer for this amazing song !). Here, we enjoy the calm of this well-known place, now empty of tourists. No lines, no crowds : just a magnificient monastery and plenty of lavender fields.

What we’re doing here ? We simply enjoy the view, we walk around, we take some very instagramable pictures (yes, we must admit it) and we smell the so particular scent of lavender. While waiting to find REAL lavender to bring home (cause it’s absolutely forbidden to pick some on the site), we sniff our 001. Exquisite mix of orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot, we find at its heart strong lavender notes. One spritz here, another there and here we go : it’s almost like wearing the scent of Sénanque, all day, everyday.

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque
84220 Gordes


Marseille, Marseille… Sexy, arty, foodie, festive, but also scented! Inspiring city from the South of France (again), its becoming more and more trendy but still keeps its authentic and “real" aspect. Loved by Jacquemus (and other artists), Marseille smells like hot bitumen, people and party. But it also smells like sun, freshness, culture mix and soap (obviously).

Marseille is a mix of genres, styles and people and we love it for its diversity. Our tips to grab a lunch there ? We absolutely love Chez Yassine, a Tunisian restaurant a bit rustic but really authentic. Here, we taste delicious eggs and tuna bricks (at the amazing price of 4€). At Yassine, we’re surrounded by hipsters, people from the neighbor and we smell spices, sugar and generosity. A bit like in our 301, mixing sandalwood, amber and cardamom. A fragrance that's totally in line with the long and hot summer nights in the city.

Chez Yassine
8 Rue d’Aubagne, 13001 Marseille
Open everyday from 10M to 10PM



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