Our gorgeous woody family

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we have decided to introduce you, or re-introduce you, to our gorgeous Woody familyThese are perfumes with powerful and warm fragrances, worked around raw materials like birch, guaiac or cypress woods. We can give you a few emblematic examples from this family: Bleu by Chanel, Terre d’Hermès or Gentleman Only by Givenchy (masculine, masculine, masculine!).

Are woody fragrances reserved exclusively for men? We say stop the prejudice!

These woody fragrances are equal parts exquisite and intriguing, and just as likely to seduce the hearts (and skins) of women as of men! 

We can find lots of woody ingredients in our creations, at varying levels of intensity. These all evoke very different sensations. Are you intrigued? Would you like to find out more? Come with us and we’ll tell you! Let’s start with cedarwood – this reminds us of the smell of pencils (which is a bit strange, right?), but it is very often used for its noble trails. It’s a little bit like wine, each variety and soil give cedar its particular sensory profile. Virginia cedar is dryer than that found in the Atlas Mountains or in Texas, for example. See? We’re already travelling the world and we’ve only just started!

We can also find sandalwood – a real escape which is somehow creamy and sweet at the same time, and which makes us feel like we’re floating on a cloud (Ah, what a lovely thought!).

Let’s continue with patchouli, which isn’t strictly a wood, but actually a plant, originally from Asia – an earthy odour, with a dark-but-sweet character. This paradox is utterly beautiful, and also drives us totally wild.  

We have another beautiful plant, vetiver – its traces which are simultaneously smoky, nutty and sensual all come together to highlight the character of this perfume. Just like cedar, there are various regions where these roots are cultivated. Haiti, Java, La Réunion – we particularly love the Réunion vetiver, we think it’s the sweetest! 

All of these gorgeous notes have filled the noses of our perfumers and have allowed them to play with intensities and twist their creations. Admit it, you really want to smell our 600 range now, don’t you? Treat yourself, or treat your Mum (or step-mum, or mother-in-law, go ahead!).

P.S. Keep it to yourself, but these notes are Ludovic Bonneton’s favourites, he is a huge fan of the woody family! 



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