Our stars of the team 🐱

You already know a little bit about the Bon Parfumeur team, but what about our mascots? Amélie's cat, Claire's giant cat, and Ludovic's lop-eared rabbit!


Amélie adores her cat Pixel or ‘Pix’ for those who get to know this sacred little Burmese. We often see him during our online meetings, but not all of him: a piece of his tail, an ear... and we hear him too! It is often said that a pet resembles its master... we can definitely see the likeness here! Amélie tells us that their common point is that they’re both a bit grumpy (a true cat character!).


On Claire's side, there’s Gizmo, a big fat all-black cat who melted her heart back when she was still living in Canada. At that time she dreamed of having a kitten. Then, one fine day she adopted this great big American cat because no one else wanted him. As they say, it’s the inner beauty that counts! Claire understood this, and when no one wanted Gizmo because he was sick and dehydrated, she saw his true beauty and wanted to take care of him! He has been traveling the world with Claire for 8 years now. Gizmo is a truly international cat!


Almost like a cat, make way for Lupi, Ludovic's lop-eared rabbit. Lupi is actually a boy, which was only discovered 1 year later! Lupi was the size of Ludovic’s hand when he got him, you could have mistaken him for a pompom. Now he's more the size of a cat! He is ultra sociable and loves to “chat” with us when we meet at Ludo.




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