Provocative rose

You’ve definitely come across the powdered rose found in standard lotions, or the opulent oriental rose you can detect in Auntie Suzanne’s perfume, but do you know of Bon Parfumeur’s dirty rose? Because at Bon Parfumeur we love deconstructing classic accords and elevating them to a whole new level! 

Since we can’t live la vie en rose at the moment (thanks, lockdown), we have instead chosen rose as our fabulous new project, YMC-style. ‘Dirtying the rose’ by making it rebellious and headstrong, this was what we were working towards. To wear YMC is to say “whatever” to everyone, screech away on a motorbike along a Mediterranean coastline and scream from the top of your lungs off the edge of a cliff.  

Rose is THE most emblematic material in perfumery. Rose reveals itself to have fruity, floral or honey tones, but there are also citrusy, spicy or herbaceous notes, even sometimes hints of tobacco, depending on its origins. It weaves its signature throughout a perfume, from its rich head notes right down to the base. It doesn’t do anything by half-measures, you’ll either love it or hate it. ‘Dirtying the rose’ is all about making sensory associations! You can associate certain raw materials with rose to make it more leathery, animal, fecal, carnal, diabolic, hot, sensual or even sexual. YMC’s rose is pretty hot! Saffron embraces the rose and turns up the heat, while sandalwood encircles the whole thing with its hot and powerful body. 

Trust us, you will be pretty hard to forget after wearing our perfume, created in collaboration with the ultra-cool label You Must Create, because wearing YMC is about letting go and tasting freedom. So, even if you’re not a rose person, let yourself be surprised by this one. We promise you will not be disappointed by this provocative rose!



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