So, what can we get you?

Another Friday evening at 8pm, another super busy week, juggling all those projects which are piling up in your inbox and all those interminable Zoom meetings. At Bon Parfumeur we know that you miss that sacred ritual, which feels like it was a million years ago but also only yesterday – afterwork drinks in your favourite bar. We do, however, have another option for you, one where you can totally let your hair down while still smelling really good. In the absence of a great little secret bar to recommend you, we have a few gorgeous little olfactory nuggets to try, which you don’t even need to partake of in moderation!

We are not in the business of doing public service announcements, so we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know when we say that alcohol affects your health (spoiler alert – not in a good way). But there is no evidence to suggest that perfumes inspired by cocktails and spirits are that bad for you (and thank god for that!).

So why not start wearing alcohols? Give us 3 minutes to convince you to take that leap of faith (if you haven’t already done so). We create the illusion of a ‘dark alcohol’ accord, something along the lines of an Armagnac, thanks to a blend of honey, tobacco, notes of sticky preserved fruit and hot woods, especially guaiac and sandalwood. This accord, with its ambery notes, reveals itself to be carnal, incandescent and enveloping. We create a ‘clear alcohol’ accord, like a gin, thanks to juniper berries, which smell and taste at once woody, fresh, resiny and floral. This blend turns out to be full-bodied, sweet and even a little sugary, with a touch of spicy pepper, all in the same perfume. And yet other alcohols, like cognac or rum, allow us to make an extraction directly from them! 

So, what can we get you?

A 902, a Smoky Armagnac, rich and indulgent, this Armagnac is filtered through orange, cinnamon and vanilla.

A 004, a Gin Fizz, frosted and sparkling, this gin is a real citrus cocktail.

A 904 Afterhomework, a frozen Vodka, icy and zesty, this mint-tobacco vodka is so fresh it almost burns.

Very good choice, we knew that you would go for the 904! Watch the ice-cubes melt under an explosion of citrus zest and a few mint leaves. The freshness is brought to life by the cinnamon and pepper, then warmed up with vetiver and patchouli, all nestling under a cloud of tobacco. The illusion is complete – the deep discussions with strangers until 6am, too much time in the smoking area and spending the equivalent of an entire country’s GDP in one night – what more could you want? ;)

We guarantee you’ll fall madly in love. Just try it, we bet your new perfume will make heads turn. In terms of charisma, though, you’re on your own (sorry!). 



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