Some unions can be marvelous!

Do you also sometimes remain perplexed by certain raw materials? Follow the guide, we'll explain!

Raw materials are very complex. Especially the natural ones! Nature has given them an olfactory complexity, linked to the diversity of the fragrant elements they contain. For example, the smell of a rose is made up of many aromatic compounds! There are more than 250... Only three of them are responsible for the smell of the rose. The others allow to facet the perfume of this flower. It will be fruitier, greener, more honeyed... You see it's not so complicated! It's a bit like for wine, depending on the soil the smell varies. We become aware of all the olfactory richness that nature gives us. 

However, it does not allow us to play with every flowers and plants. Sometimes it is impossible to extract the slightest smell, they are called "silent flowers" in the jargon. This is the case of lily of the valley, lilac, orchid. Then we realize that with only natural extracts, the color palette of perfumers would be quite bland. Imagine a world without musky, sweet and cocooning fragrances, what a sadness! It’s impossible to curl up in these perfumes without musks! Therefore we are quite happy that they exist, because the regulation prohibits the musks if they are of animal origin. The musk deer feels much better since, and we are happy about it that said. 

There are "identical natures" ingredients. This means that we find these elements in nature. For example, Damascone, with its very diffused fruity and floral facets, is naturally present in some teas. Perfumers use it to boost rose, tea or violet notes. 

Here are some keys to better understand how the formulation works. Some unions can be marvelous, especially when they are in our creative perfumers’ hands! Yes, you wouldn't expect it, but a jasmine scent can be born from the combination of a banana and an animal secretion. A surprising synergy! Indole has a very segmented scent. Some people find this ingredient very animal (even unpleasant) while others find it bewitching, sensual and floral. When the two meet in balanced quantities, the banana vanishes to give way to a solar and sensual flower, the jasmine. Unbelievable, is it magic? 

If certain raw materials respond to each other and create new notes, it is also the case for perfumes. At Bon Parfumeur, we like to associate several fragrances together and create our own trail. 

By combining a musky floral cologne like 002 with an aromatic perfume like 701, subtly woody and deliciously fruity notes make their appearance. We also advise you to associate the 002 with the 302 to make it more intense and more sensual. 

And you, did you find your "perfect match" for Valentine's Day?  



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