Spotlight on 701, a fragrance for the good times

If the Bon Parfumeur family decides to showcase one of our perfumes, you know it’s because something fabulous is in the pipelines…So what if we told you that 701 was ready to welcome a new baby brother?

OK, sorry, we’ll stop teasing you and reveal all very soon, we promise! In the meantime, we’d like to tell you the story of 701. From its inception to its most subtle notes, via its inspirations, this aromatic fragrance has pretty much become unstoppable, and never ceases to surprise! 

Let’s begin at the beginning – the ‘principal’ notes of 701 are eucalyptus, coriander and cypress. This all comes together to create a dynamic mix which is a huge breath of fresh air, exotic and swirling with aromas like a delicious pad thai, with the kind of freshness that you can only get from a shady walk in a forest. We can also detect half-fruity, half-bitter touches, thanks to its notes of grapefruit and bergamot. This freshness is subtly counterbalanced with a beautiful bouquet of aromatics and spices (pepper, rosemary, coriander…). Is it us, or is it getting hot in here? We finish this sensory journey with white wood, incense and amber… and a very light, hidden touch of cannabis! Where we we? So, 701 is a fresh, mystical and floaty perfume (that same kind of floatiness you feel when you emerge from a dark cinema to the bright afternoon sunshine outside!). 

But who is behind this dizzying perfume? It’s Benoist Lapouza! We’d like to introduce you to our star ‘nose’ who is breaking all the rules of modern perfumery. 

Before landing a job at the super prestigious Drom in 2014, Benoist tested his skills at Takasago, Quest and also Fragrance Ressources. A change of scene and new challenges are not things which frighten our intrepid perfumer. Au contraire! A sailing and diving enthusiast, obsessed with all things ocean, he draws inspiration from his many voyages, and all the characters he has met along the way. Our collaboration with Benoist is a win-win, because it gives us the opportunity to offer you mind-blowing perfumes which can’t quite be pinned down, and it also gives Benoist the chance to let his creative juices run wild and invent totally original perfumes. During our last meeting, he revealed some of the more technical details behind 701. For example, did you know that eucalyptus had sanitizing properties? That’s why, when we sniff its essential oil or even its leaves, we think of that strong, invigorating, almost medicinal smell, which we remember lingering in the steam of hammams and saunas! It’s guaranteed to relax you…

One more anecdote which we were particularly surprised by… When we think of cypress, it’s true that we tend to think of the South of France, or maybe Tuscany or the Mediterranean. However, these trees are also found all over Kenya, the Unites States, India and China – hence the transporting quality of our 701. 

We hope that we have unmasked our mysterious signature aromatic for you, and that you try it out before the arrival of…our 702!



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