Stronger together: our boundary-breaking collabs

When we started Bon Parfumeur, we weren’t simply interested in making scents which were cool, unisex and 100% Made in France. Since we love to push boundaries, we have taken this original idea and made it into something much bigger. We don’t simply envision Bon Parfumeur as a brand, but more as a mood or even a lifestyle. That’s just us, baby! To embody the Bon Parfumeur attitude is to let yourself be carried away on a sensual, artistic journey with no limits in sight. Yup, we really walk the walk when it comes to passion about perfume! We love to show you people who we find both inspiring and inspired, as well as totally new ways of doing things and all those “love at first sight” brands who share our outlook. This artistic family is at the heart of our ecosystem and informs everything about our creative processes. We are inspired by the young artists and creative talent we are working with, whose ideas regularly lead us to take part in just the kind of collaborations we are hungry for – arty, uncomplicated and free. So there you have it, us in a nutshell! Click on an image to learn more about our 3 current creative collaborations.  

105: Bon Parfumeur x YMC

It was last spring, in the middle of lockdown, that we launched this particular little firecracker! This is our perfume collaboration with the legendary Brit fashion house YMC (which stands for ‘You Must Create’ – a mantra which we can get behind!). Conceived with Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, founders of the brand, this unique scent with a rock vibe mixes mandarin, cinnamon, sandalwood and rose. We can almost see ourselves strolling down Brick Lane! Bon Parfumeur x YMC is a chic, cool and minimalist collaboration (much like its beautiful bottle) which will most definitely take you on a journey. 

904 : 2019, Bon Parfumeur x Afterhomework 

When we first met Pierre Kaczmarek and Elena Mottola, founders of the freshest underground label Afterhomework, a collaboration seemed inevitable. This scent, created by our master perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, reminds us of an impromptu party with no holds barred. Vodka, tobacco and juniper berries: that’s what we call a heady cocktail, perfect for a night to (sort of) remember. We really wanted to stay true to the ultra-stylish, Paris-sexy image of Afterhomework, and we think we’ve pulled it off in this original, cosmopolitan and painstaking mix we’ve created. If we do say so ourselves!

Bon Parfumeur x Federici

Creator, fashion designer, PR guru, street artist…This is the kind of profile which we find hard to resist! We jumped at the chance to work with Federici, in a series of limited-edition pieces where we have let this mega-talented graffiti artist express himself on the bottles of some of our signature scents. 

Our 002, 302 and 601s are now adorned with some extremely tasty tags by the artist. But be quick! There are only a few bottles remaining…



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