The 702: one fragrance, three universes!

You've probably noticed the arrival of our new baby, 702. Not yet? Don't worry, we'll give you a quick summary of our newest little one’s olfactory world.

Bon Parfumeur invites you to take a journey through time: a wild fern reveals its energy through the facets of incense, a timeless fragrance full of character. At the top, notes of incense, elemi, lemon, and pink pepper. A mixture of half spicy, half green, with floral inflections and a touch of French lavender. Cedar, cashmere wood, vanilla, Peruvian balsam, and white musk round off this olfactory journey.

All our perfumed creations allow you to escape, even just for a moment. In honor of this escapism, we want to take you on a trip to three exotic places that are in perfect harmony with our 702! If you too, find these places magical, then the 702 is surely the fragrance for you (and maybe these holidays are too)!

Head to Japan, in the heart of a forest, to visit an unmissable place rich in history: the SEIGANTO-JI temple. Leaning against the highest waterfall in the country, this vermilion-red pagoda stands proudly in the midst of a flourishing landscape. Try to imagine this very special atmosphere and the serenity that surrounds you. The nearby waterfalls bring freshness, accompanied by the surrounding woody notes of the forest that provide calm and tranquility.

Stopover in France, in Provence. At its peak, the Mont Ventoux is 1910 meters high, with a breathtaking panoramic view. For hiking or cycling enthusiasts, the roads of this mountain are popular all around the world! There's nothing like it! Between the white of the summit and the fields tinted with the purple colors of lavender, the landscape creates a perfect harmony. Just like our 702!

Let's stay in France, in the heart of the capital this time. At the foot of the Great Mosque is the emblematic botanical garden of Paris. A park where you come across different aromatic plants from all over the world. Can you find the lavender?

Here are three places, three different atmospheres, all of which represent our 702 so well! A total change of scenery, between spirituality and well-being. An original and surprising combination of heritage and modernity. Don't hesitate to try it out at our boutique, 11 rue des Francs Bourgeois in Paris! We look forward to your comments!



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