The 702 seen by Adrien Ferrand, chef at Eels

Scents have the gift of making us travel, of making us relive our olfactory experiences and memories. A little spritz and there you go: you are in your grandmother's kitchen, tasting her star cake or in the turquoise waters of Corsica, where it smells like iodine and ultra hot. Why are we telling you all this? Because behind all our signature scents, we wanted to offer you a little more than just cool, contemporary and unisex fragrances. Our idea is more like a holistic perfumery. What is it? To awaken all your senses with scents that speak to you. Visually (hence the colors of our bottles), olfactory (logical, isn't it?) but also in taste... Because yes, taste and smell are closely linked!  So we take you to Eels, the famous neo-bistro for foodistos, to present you the gustative interpretation of the 702 by Adrien Ferrand. 

Eels, the neo-bistro of the moment 

Just passing through the 10th district? Make a stop at Eels, the emblematic address of the neighborhood. Since 2017, the young chef Adrien Ferrand, who says he is inspired by Asian cuisine and aromatic flavors. On the plate? His famous smoked eel (a reference to the name of the place) with licorice, poultry with apricots and especially for Bon Parfumeur... the smoked lamb inspired by our 702 (incense, lavender and sandalwood). Patience, we're getting there! 

Adrien Ferrand x the 702 

For the release of our 702 (incense, lavender and cashmere wood), the young chef now more than established in the Parisian food scene has come up with a slightly special dish. The goal? To make us feel the gustatory emotion that our 702 evokes for him. And what exactly does it consist of? A lamb smoked with laurel flower, served with a meat juice infused with rhubarb, peppermint and cardamom pickles. The result? An ultra aromatic and surprising mix, just like our last juice. Yummy... Adrien reveals his recipe right here. You'll tell us about it!



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