The best gin of Paris

Those days, we all need to have a little drink. Weariness, uncertainty, sometimes even anxiety are now part of some people's daily lives. And even if we try to be positive, it is not always easy. This is why we have decided today to unveil one of our favorite addresses in Paris. Just to blow you away, to spoil yourself, and to cheer you up a little. Disneyland? No, still not... Well, it's getting closer, but only for the « grown-ups ». 

Our treasure is located in the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Denis. The Distillerie de Paris, a true ode to artisanal know-how, offers quality spirits, but not only. Perfumes in the name of the place are also sold there. In short, a young house, nice and modern, stimulating our two favorite senses (smell and taste) could only seduce us. 

All the products, to drink or to smell, are made on-site (that’s what we like even more) thanks to a common still (what is it? simply a device intended for the separation of products by heating then cooling). And there is something for every taste: whisky, vodka, rum, sake, homemade creations and... gin. 

You too have noticed that this alcohol, once forgotten, has been in the limelight for a few seasons now? On coffee tables at parties, for a « London mule » shouted in the ear of a waiter in a crowded nightclub or in its classic form, with his friend the tonic. In short, this spirit seems to be what Apérol was a few years ago. To be tasted in a purist way at the Distillerie de Paris, or in cocktail, to be applied on the skin for an ultra-fresh scent with notes of juniper berries, you go crazy with gin. Get them delivered or pick them up directly in the store (which is clearly worth a look), the Distillerie's products are therefore part of our big favorites at the beginning of the year.

And because perfumes and mixology are very close to each other (raw materials, the right balance and ultra-thought-out alliances), Bon Parfumeur also offers you an olfactory cocktail, our Cologne 004. Based on gin (what a surprise!), tangerine and musk, this fragrance 100% made in France, is the right formula to reinvigorate yourself while you wait to feast. Elaborated by perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, whose « zesty » touches seem to be her signature, this ultra-fresh « juice »  is unisex and designed for both daytime and evening wear.  



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