The Essentials Box: all we need is here!

September rhymes with ‘new things’ here at Bon Parfumeur! Did you miss our last launch? We’ll give you a little reminder: we have proudly launched our very own body line! Hooray! Hand creams and solid soaps scented with three of our most iconic fragrances are now available to enhance your daily beauty regime. Great news, right?

And guess what ? We didn’t stop there! To offer you a complete experience, we’ve created the essentials box. What’s inside you may ask? A colorful box containing a 30ml perfume, a bar of soap and a scented hand cream all with the same fragrance. A scented routine to take your day, or your evening, to a new level!

And since we’re talking olfactory... Let's take a look at the first three boxes on offer:

Starting with Les Essentiels box 003: the iconic scent that’s as sweet as it is acidic. Here you’ll find notes of fresh and sparkling yuzu, combined with crunchy violet leaf, and enhanced by the woody tones of vetiver. A little mischievous, a little naughty but still fresh! A box full of 003 treasures? Yes please! 

Let's continue with the caress of 101: a tribute to the noble rose. Spicy and tangy tones of cardamom, the powdery notes of sweet peas and the sweetness of white cedar bring depth and delicacy.

Finally, the 801: heading for the seaside! Like a refreshing citrus breeze, colored by the Mediterranean Sea. A hint of spray emerges from the tip of its nose to give way to woody facets of cedar and cypress. A souvenir of summer that you can wear all year round!

We almost forgot the most important part! Our hand creams are enriched with organic Aloe Vera and organic Shea butter for deep hydration and pure softness! And the soaps? They contain French and organic Camelina vegetable oil!

Admit it, they’re catching your eye - just go for it! Our essentials box makes the perfect gift (for your friend or for yourself!). The boxes were designed to be reused, they’re that pretty! We have imagined several ways to give them a second life. To be continued in the next episode...



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