The new baby, 702

We’ve got a surprise for you this summer season! As you may already know, a new kid is coming to join the collection of aromatics at Bon Parfumeur. You’re certainly already familiar with the 701. Not? Let’s refresh your memory: a fragrance with exciting fresh scents accompanied by explosive spicy aromas on a background of amber wood and incense, full of mystery!

For the newcomer to this emblematic family, the fragrance plays between modernity and tradition. How do we achieve this balance? With the use of incense and fougère (fern)! Two olfactory ideas which echo the origins of perfumery and which have been twisted in an original and elegant way. Can we tempt you into a little olfactory journey? Let's go!

Immerse yourself in the heart of a green forest where the mist refreshes the atmosphere. These green notes, accompanied by the hot spiciness of pink pepper, elemi, and sparkling lemon, tease your nostrils and captivate your attention. Lavender, a flower full of sweetness and sun, comes to dress this perfume. This enigmatic mixture leaves you with a feeling of well-being and comfort, caressed by a charming vanilla and a cottony white musk.

Let’s take a closer look at the three main ingredients of 702 which make it such a timeless fragrance:

Incense! This precious resin is rich and addictive. It reveals fresh, camphor, spicy, or even woody notes. These different facets blend perfectly with other raw materials and bring a unique and mystical dimension to the fragrance.

Next, lavender. A flower used since Antiquity and which, even today, recalls childhood memories. Its silky, floral, and herbaceous tones work together to bring freshness and roundness to the mixture. At Bon Parfumeur, our lavender comes from the sun-drenched South of France. This makes all the difference thanks to the remarkable quality from IFF-LMR (the best, nothing but the best!).

Finally, cashmere wood, also called cashmeran. It is an ingredient with warm, woody, almost voluptuous scents. Its softness and sensuality unmatched, cashmere wood is the key to what makes this new creation so addictive. 

A quick trip to Bon Parfumeur is a must! The 702 will thrill your senses for sure! Test it, feel it, immerse yourself in this original universe and adopt it! We bet you'll love it?



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