The perfect gift for dads!

A singular perfume that reflects the personality of our dad. Wouldn't that be the perfect gift for Father's Day? 

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one for him!

Fusing 602?

Is he more into the Mediterranean than the Normandy coast? The heat does not scare him! We love the peppery facets of the 602 which bring a lot of character.


Refreshing 801?

Ready to take on all the challenges of daily life, he is more of a go-getter than a follower. This 801 fragrance with its aquatic and iodized notes is used and abused for its invigorating effect.


Enveloping 901?

He starts his day with a hot coffee, not a Golden Latte. The soft and sweet notes of this blond wood make us completely addicted with the 901...



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