The weight of words

Let’s play a little game…

“An explosion of citruses opens onto a sparkling accord of gin to create an extremely fizzy Eau de Parfum which leaves an addictive trail.” That’s a description of one of our gorgeous perfumes. How many of you recognised it? Bien sûr, it’s our 004, our beautiful new Cologne created by Karine Dubreuil-Séréni! But do you know the real meaning of these technical terms? 

For Spring we have swotted up on all things perfume, so we can sparkle at dinner parties (and also, so we can become wise old sages at the end of our days). At Bon Parfumeur we appreciate that you have better things to do than to crack open the dictionary at the end of a long working day, and we’re not here to get into that, but we are here to help you dive deeper into the world of perfume! So, in three minutes max, let us explain these weird and wonderful words which create such a rich and vibrant new “olfactory” language. 

Don’t worry, to appreciate a good perfume, you don’t really need to know a bunch of fancy words, but simply being able to speak “perfume” does allow us to refine our sense of smell, and possibly to have a better understanding of what we are investing in! 

You are more…

Eau de Toilette:

You are the kind of discreet person who simply shines naturally without trying. We love people like you! Light and delicate, our Eaux de Toilette leave an elegant signature on your neck. 


…Eau de Parfum:

You are the kind of frank and honest person who we love to hang out with. You don’t disappoint! With their finesse and afterglow, the intensity of these fragrances will really leave a mark on you! At Bon Parfumeur you will only find Eaux de Parfum, perfectly balanced between lightness and tenacity. 


…Extract or Perfume:

You are that charismatic person who everyone has an opinion on. We can spot you from a mile away! Powerful and rich, Extracts leave a generous trail in its wake. Be careful though, this is strong stuff! (And also very rare…)

In fact, it’s quite simple, it’s all just a matter of concentration! Generally, our Eaux de Parfum contain between 15 to 20% pure concentrate, which is a lot!)


Did somebody mention accords and trails? An eau de parfum, quite simply, is the accord that the perfumier has created, which leaves a trail in its wake. Get it? 

An accord is the total blend of many ingredients which give an overall olfactory impression. Our 004, for example, is based around the idea of gin. Karine then personalized this accord with the help of citruses and musk, which gives it its unique fragrance, with that totally addictive trail

The trail is the perfumed cloud which you leave behind when you saunter past – you signature scent. 

Easy, non? 



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